Monday, August 26, 2013

21 Weeks

How far along? 
21 weeks - officially more than halfway to D-Day. Uh...what?

How big is baby? 
Apparently I had my fruits mixed up. This week is a banana, last week was supposed to be a small cantelope. This is slightly baffling to me, because I think a melon is bigger than a banana, but hey, I don't write the produce comparisons, I just quote them ;)

Total weight gain?
Up 8 pounds total. Perhaps I've settled into the "pound a week" phase?

Maternity clothes?
 God love 'em

Last weekend saw some of the best sleep of the summer - Sweets was at GaGa and PaPa's for the whole weekend so we could do some cleaning and organizing and OMG...two mornings of sleeping in in a row?

Best moment of the week?
It's not baby-related, but finishing my students' schedules a full week and a half before school starts - woo hoo, a personal best!

Food cravings?
 Any food will do!

Food aversions?

 Hubs is poking fun at me for waddling around, but the sciatica is really bothersome! I notice when I overdo it my back bothers me too.

 Sometimes it's like Cirque du Soleil in there!

 The ultrasound tech will determine the baby's sex in just a few days...but we won't know and neither will you!

What I’m looking forward to?
Seeing sweet baby G2 on the big screen on Thursday!

What I miss?
Bladder control. Wow, that was personal. Too much? Sorry, the truth is uncomfortable.

Weekly Wisdom?
Giving in to your nesting urges feels amazing.

Hubs got to feel the one-baby soccer game going on in there on Sunday morning :)

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