Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wilderness Bound

Last week we enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Adirondack Mountains, where we met up with my bestie/cousin, her boyfriend, and friends of theirs with an adorable 8 month little boy. Despite the long drive (5 1/2 hours turns into 8, with a toddler and pregnant mama in tow!), Sweets did awesome, and we had a blast! In the interest of time, none of these have been edited, but enjoy anyway ;)

We stopped for lunch in Old Forge and stretched our legs a bit. Toddler travel tip: I hit up the dollar store before leaving and grabbed several toys Sweets had never seen before. I didn't have to break out the first one until a good 90 minutes into the trip, and that single toy kept him entertained almost all the way to our destination. Win!

We arrived to our luxurious little cabin in the woods around 4 pm. Let me tell you, we will be returning! If you're interested, check out the listing here

So cozy and welcoming! It had all the amenities of home, which, I am well aware, means that we were by no stretch of the imagination "roughing it." But that's exactly the way I like it ;)

Upstairs catwalk and loft. Sweets got a huge kick out of dropping toy frogs off the catwalk onto unsuspecting people below. That was a fun game.

View of the kitchen from the loft. Love.

The fabulous second-story porch, upon which we enjoyed all of our meals, and more than a little socializing!

Critters galore! While out for a morning run, Auntie M found this huge caterpillar crossing the road and she knew Sweets would be fascinated. She carried it all the way back and it was definitely a source of entertainment for everyone!

Fishing with Daddy. It turns out 3 year olds do not want to fish, in the conventional sense. They want to cast and reel, cast and reel, cast and reel...accepting this will save you endless amounts of frustration in the long run.

Swimming in the Ausable River. I'd never done anything like it before - it was SO cool!

Family photo op on the bank.

Part of the group enjoying the warm, sun-baked rocks. The more adventurous among them went sliding down the rock waterfalls and sustained their fair share of bumps and bruises!

Our outdoor boy!

He loved this little adventure so much! I wasn't sure how he'd react to the chilly water, slippery rocks and a swimming environment so different from what we're used to, but he took to it like a trout to water ;)

We really had to coax him out of the water to even take this photo.

I wasn't sure we'd ever get him out!

Swimming like a big boy.

With Auntie M and Mama.

Walking on the covered bridge.

Exploring a bit. We found a serene little beachfront and playground, where Sweets discovered a playground toy we haven't found anywhere else - a real digger!

Our happy traveler!

On our way home, we stopped in Tupper Lake to pay a visit to The Wild Center. It was a neat place, but a bit overpriced and not neccessarily super exciting for toddlers.

Checking out the creatures.

Hubs loves mooses...moose? Moosei? Anyway, this stuffed guy was pretty majestic!

We have gobs and gobs of photos, but I think these sum up our trip pretty well. If you're in the vicinity of the Adirondacks, I highly recommend it as a family vacation destination! Many thanks to Auntie M, the mastermind behind the whole trip! We miss you guys!

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