Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pregnancy 2.0

I've been thinking a lot lately about the difference between being pregnant the first time, and being pregnant the second (and possibly subsequent) time(s). The second go-round is certainly different - not necessarily in good ways or bad ways...just different ways.

I think the biggest difference is the most obvious one - you have another child to parent, who needs your attention and commands most of the waking hours of your day. This leaves very little time for all the luxurious pleasures of the first time around: midday naps, incessant Googling of symptoms, stacks of pregnancy books, nursery inspiration boards, and baby crafts of all kinds. The first time, the instant we saw two lines, our future child was pretty much named. Every week I faithfully referred to "What to Expect" for my dose of baby-growing information. 100% of my attention was focused on being pregnant and 40 weeks seemed like an eternity that would never end.

This time? I am over halfway done baking this baby and it has only just occured to us that he or she will, in fact, need a name. I can't remember the last time I cracked open "What to Expect" - mostly because I kinda know what to expect. I didn't even remember that it was time to schedule our anatomy scan until my midwife issued a gentle reminder at my last appointment. I have a paint color in mind for the nursery, but very little else. Ohandalso? Creating the nursery will require massive home reorganization. At this point we have tackled about 1% percent of that little project. But hey, babies sleep in your room for a good three months anyway, right?

That's not to say I'm not enjoying Round Two. I have been so fortunate to have had a pleasant, uneventful (knock on wood) pregnancy, especially since I'm trying to keep up with a preschooler this time. Just because I have less time to think about this baby and plan for his or her arrival definitely does not mean I find the experience of growing him or her any less magical. Because seriously - pregnancy is magical and miraculous and life-changing. I feel blessed beyond belief that I've been able to experience it twice. When I look at my son, I can't believe he started out as two tiny cells, and that he grew in my belly and I pushed him out, all healthy and gorgeous. I love being pregnant, and I won't let myself consider the fact that if this baby is a girl, this could very well be my last time feeling those kicks and jabs and getting all round and losing sight of my feet, and anticipating the arrival of a brand new person...there is nothing like it on earth.

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